Bicycle Friendly BusinessesDid you know there aren’t any League of American Bicyclists “Bicycle Friendly Business” in Lawrence. There may be a few that qualify already and don’t know they do.

Why would you want to consider this? Listen to what some people have said:

“By receiving the initial recognition, we were able to justify installing lockers and increasing our overall support of cycling in our workplace.”  —Chuck Krivanek, Human Resources Manager, InterContinental Hotels Group

“The designation [has given] us more influence in advocating for better bicycling infrastructure and benefits that we can ask from our company, the building managers, and local government. After we had gained our BFB designation, we were able to promote bicycling even more at a Chamber of Commerce breakfast topic.” —Michael Barreyro, Volunteer Bicycle Coordinator, SAP Labs – La Crosse

Becoming a BFB benefits your bottom line while also enhancing quality of life in your community. What can you gain by becoming bicycle friendly?

  • Recruitment: attract and retain the best and brightest
  • Increase morale and quality of life for employees
  • Foster a sense of community and camaraderie in workplace
  • Enhance health and wellness bene ts, and reduce costs on healthcare
  • Catalyze a more alert, active, productive workforce
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Showcase social reponsibility, a commitment to sustainability and reducing environmental footprint
  • Support and expand reliable, consistent transportation, particularly for employees in urban areas
  • Create a culture of wellness
  • Cut transportation spending by company, individual and community
  • Support long-term health benefits, both physical and mental

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